Since pausing…


During my interlude away from my blog, we got up to a fair few things – here’s a little update on what has been happening whilst I’ve been gone!


We’ve celebrated a lot (both the baby and other events!) which has involved copious amounts of food, and of course, alcohol for everybody but me… (These photos make me so hungry, ah!) Featuring Poulet au Pot, Trinity, Craft Beer Co. and Mangetout.



There have been a few events and places seen – Music in the Woods at Belfairs Wood, trusty Southend seafront, Cherry Orchard Country Park, a day of dance in Sevenoaks, Hyde Hall…



Whilst failing at meeting up with people in general, I managed to see a few of my favourite faces at the LAN party…



… And made sure to get some photos of Lisa, Paul and their lovely, little Edie!


There’s been DIY ahoy-hoy – our bedroom is now completely white, walls and woodwork and everything, we have a actual wardrobe in our flat (!), our bathroom is very close to the re-grouting being finished, we have a spangly new wall cabinet and two matching floor cabinets in the bathroom (ready to be filled with baby toot, ha!), there’s been filling, there’s been sanding, there’s been bashing, there’s been drilling… And we’re now super close to the baby-friendly stage. Phew!



Other than that things have mainly carried on as usual. As soon as my morning sickness permitted, I was back on video games (our current favourite is Civ VI!) which was a relief; both Barnabee and Ginger have been well and enjoying the summer sunshine; we’ve been having a fair few cooking and baking days; I managed to finish the 2nd year of my midwifery degree without any mishaps (hooray!) and Jack has been the most wonderful human in the world, as ever.




I think that sums it all up quite nicely. ♥

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