Sing Ivy


I recently posted the photograph “Sing Ivy” on Flickr as a submission to The Teleidoscope’s theme of “Green”. People are often curious about how I go about creating my face paint images, so I thought I’d give a little bit of insight into how my ideas progress from a theme…




For this particular photograph, I’d decided that I wanted to have a green base with accents of some description, alongside the replica ivy I had gotten hold of earlier in the week.




I painted on my green base and then took some test shots to get my lighting and framing right, before sitting down to make the paint more substantial. It’s around this point that inspiration normally makes itself known… But this time around I was pretty much improvising all of the lines and curls!




When I was happy with the paint, I took another test shot, and then grabbed the ivy and started shooting!




I always try lots of different poses: angling my head differently; altering the height; varying my expressions and trying to do different things with my props… This time was no different!




The ivy proved quite hard to work with – it didn’t bend in the way I wanted it to (it kept pinging back!) which made shooting difficult. I cut some singular leaves in order to try to stick them to face (epic fail – they were far too heavy) and then to scatter in my hair (the results of which were similar!). Eventually I settled on draping two separate strands over myself and trapping them against the wall with my back…




Do you shoot face paint images? Do your ideas progress as you shoot or do you have definite plans that you stick to? I’d love to know!


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