At the time of writing, it’s 5.19am.

I’ve been out of bed for about 45 minutes, but I’ve been awake for around 2 hours – tossing and turning, failing to get comfortable, getting up to use the toilet, asking Arthur to please not pull on my hair, sighing a fair amount and of course attempting to feed him back to sleep.

Sleeping in the third trimester is always a struggle, but adding a co-sleeping toddler into the mix makes the whole thing way more exhausting. It feels like the second I properly “popped”, sleeping got way more difficult for the entire family! Add to this a soon-to-be-tandem-feeding toddler who seems to have re-discovered milk as opposed to forgetting about it, and well… I honestly can’t tell you how much I long for us to be living in a home with more than one bedroom.

I left Arthur grumbling in bed with Jack, knowing he would be asleep fairly swiftly – I think because I’m a very light sleeper, I wake at the quietest sounds and smallest movements. Jack on the other hand, has mastered the skill of sleeping through such things, which suits Arthur’s restless style of sleeping much better than mine.

So here I am, 5.28am, wishing I was asleep but knowing it would do more harm than good to attempt another hour or so before Arthur inevitably awakens for the day.

Happy hump day, folks.

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