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This morning I discovered an e-mail from Society 6 informing me that one of my scrabble tote bags had been sold, and whilst opening the e-mail, I had sort-of-kind-of forgotten that I’d signed up to Society 6. It occurred to me that I hadn’t even written here about the fact that I had put some of my work on Society 6, so I thought I should do that now!

I’m in the company of same amazing artists on Society 6, and if you haven’t had a gander at the website it’s well worth doing! Please – check out Gemma Correll, Kate Gabrielle, Terry Fan and of course the wonderful Deborah Cardinal (and don’t mind me linking to some of my favourites of theirs whilst doing so..!).


I shall be trying to update my work on Society 6 a bit more regularly now, so please check back on my page soon! (As an aside, is there any particular images people would like to see? A Barnabee clock, anyone?)


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  1. aw, thank you for the mention & I’ll follow you on there. I would def go for lots of cats, they’re always popular! 🙂 x

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