Surstromming Adventure!


Before I start, please click this link to see a video of a group of guys opening a tin of Surströmming for the first time… It’ll give you a pretty good indication of how it smells! Incidentally, this was the video that Malin first sent me when it was suggested that we try Surströmming; I wasn’t that enthusiastic about the idea!




Surströmming (which I’ve seen called “the zombie of the sea”, ha!) is fermented Baltic herring… Rotten fish. The smell is so strong that you have to open the can underneath water.






Mmm, smelly fish…




I only had the tiniest piece myself (I had a few bites of Malin’s!) and I’ve got to say… It tastes like fish. If it wasn’t so smelly then I might understand the appeal, but the stench was so unbelievably strong and grim, that I really wouldn’t be inclined to eat it ever again!




So there you have it, our Surströmming adventure! If you’ve ever had it, what did you think? If you’ve not, would you try it?!


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