Postnatal Ward

  It’s night-time as we crowd into the handover room, The day staff look weary but they smile as they discuss their day. A5, B3, C6 and side rooms 1-4; we scribble on our sheets of paper, Rhesus negative, AF, BF, 3°, EBL, OBs due at … Continue readingPostnatal Ward

Antenatal Ward

  I’m here to greet you, as you raise your head groggily from your pillow. I always find myself speaking a little more softly than I feel I should, But it feels right, today, my voice gently soothing in the morning light.

Life lately…

  We’re over halfway through February, and I’m now nearing the halfway point of this academic year. It feels simultaneously like I just started at university a month ago, like I’ve been studying midwifery forever and for barely any time at all, like I’ve learnt tons … Continue readingLife lately…

My first clinical placement

  This week I have my first clinical placement, and I’m feeling utterly terrified at the prospect of donning my uniform for real, and starting to make use of the knowledge I’ve been collecting for the past 7 weeks.

Biggest Challenge

  Today’s photo prompt for #Lovetober was “Biggest Challenge”. It took me a long time to get going with this theme, as I couldn’t decide on a challenge to depict, let alone how to depict it…