Photo an Hour: March 20th, 2015

  Another Photo an Hour post down, whoah! As predicted, March’s post was taken at the bi-annual LAN party – a wonderful day full of lovely people, delicious food, yummy drinks… And lots of gaming!  

Natalie’s Hen Party

  Way back in February, my friend Natalie had her hen party! I made sure to take my camera for the evening, as you may have already spotted from my Photo An Hour post from the same day..!  

LAN Party – Autumn 2013

  Every six months, I go to a LAN Party held at the Brain in a Jar offices in Tarporley, Cheshire. Last weekend was time for the autumn 2013 LAN Party!  

Lovely Lisa

  Lisa and I met up at Gloucester Park last week to take some photos at magic hour. I only uploaded my two daily photos to Flickr (self-portrait and non self-portrait), so I thought I’d upload a few more here!

A Night in London

  To celebrate Lisa’s birthday a big group of us travelled into London to have a meal at Bodeans (which is an absolute meat-fest of a restaurant!).