Y9/365: Days 155-161

  Looking through my self-portraits for last week, I definitely achieved a variety of different themes/moods in my photos! Travel, fairy lights, relaxation, kitty-centric, midwifery and down-right silly… Definitely a bit of everything!

Project 365/Y5: Days 127-133

  Happy hump day lovelies! There is definitely a certain magic to Wednesdays when my weeks follow a normal working week pattern..! Without further ado, here are my non-selfies from the 2nd to the 8th of July…  


  Three years ago today, I received a phone-call from my best friend Charlotte. She rang to ask whether we could look after a ginger kitten for “a few days”, I quickly conferred with my ma and we said yes. She was glad about this, … Continue readingBarnabee