Days 295-301: Y9/Y5

  Now that we’re the other side of Christmas, looking at these photos taken the week leading up to Christmas… It feels like they were taken long, long ago!  

Days 288-294: Y9/Y5

I’m currently sitting at my desk getting distracted by the world outside – today is one of those grey days that starts to improve when the sun begins to fade and the fairy lights start twinkling in trees and windows. I struggle to feel cheerful … Continue readingDays 288-294: Y9/Y5

Days 218-224: Y9/Y5

  I’m feeling all sorts of calm and content today, no doubt owing to the fact that I’ve had three days off of placement in a row (a rarity!) which I’ve spent being productive, as well as spending quality time with Jack and Laurence. It … Continue readingDays 218-224: Y9/Y5

3 years ago today…

  In 2013 I was taking part in The Teleidoscope, a group on Flickr which challenged photographers to take a themed image every week for a year. Three years ago today, I created “Waldeinsamkeit” as my submission for the theme of that week: Enchanted Forest. I’m no … Continue reading3 years ago today…