World Breastfeeding Week 2018, part 2

  I feel very privileged and proud of the journey Arthur and I have gone through with breastfeeding. As I detailed in my previous World Breastfeeding Week post, it hasn’t always been easy.

On Motherhood.

  This week Arthur threw up in my mouth and on a separate occasion I caught his sick in my hands. We’re weaning at the moment which means I sometimes have banana in my hair, or I find stray bits of avocado in usual places. … Continue readingOn Motherhood.

A tentative hello.

  Greetings from a little sunny window in March! I’ve been putting off trying to start things back up here until I “have the time” but it’s starting to dawn on me that, that’s unlikely to happen any time soon… Make the time I must! … Continue readingA tentative hello.


  One month ago today our wonderful, perfect son was born.   It already feels like he has been here with us for months and months, and simultaneously that it was just yesterday that we drove back here and showed him around his home for … Continue readingArthur

Life Lately…

  Now that we’re over halfway through October, it’s starting to feel a little like we’ve just crested the top of a roller-coaster, in terms of the imminent arrival of our baby… The past few months have plodded along, but now time seems to be … Continue readingLife Lately…

Since pausing…

  During my interlude away from my blog, we got up to a fair few things – here’s a little update on what has been happening whilst I’ve been gone!