Octobers Past, 2007-2009

  Just as it was last time I posted one of these, it’s been a while… (Six months ago, in actual fact!) Here are some memories from 2007, 2008 and 2009, all taken in October. They’re mixed up, because it’s more fun that way!  

Since pausing…

  During my interlude away from my blog, we got up to a fair few things – here’s a little update on what has been happening whilst I’ve been gone!  

Lovely Lisa

  Lisa and I met up at Gloucester Park last week to take some photos at magic hour. I only uploaded my two daily photos to Flickr (self-portrait and non self-portrait), so I thought I’d upload a few more here!

A Night in London

  To celebrate Lisa’s birthday a big group of us travelled into London to have a meal at Bodeans (which is an absolute meat-fest of a restaurant!).