World Breastfeeding Week 2018, part 2

  I feel very privileged and proud of the journey Arthur and I have gone through with breastfeeding. As I detailed in my previous World Breastfeeding Week post, it hasn’t always been easy.

List of Love

  This is a small move away from my Things I Love Thursday lists & I’ve been enjoying making notes on all of the things I’ve been enjoying lately! Do you have any recommendations of things I should try? I don’t mind if it’s cake, … Continue readingList of Love

Where I Am, Now.

  Taking a cue from the wonderful Breanna Rose. Here’s what has been swirling around my mind recently, and how I’m feeling today…  

“So, THAT happened…”

  The super-awesome Alexander Franzen posted this wonderful list of things that she’d done in the past 30 days. I think it’s a great idea and a good way to re-live the best bits of the month: here’s mine!   This January, I…