2015: A Year in Review

  Saying goodbye to 2015 was a little sad because it treated me pretty well… But saying hello to 2016 made it worth it – I think it’s going to be an awesome year! Here’s to looking back at 2015, though…

The Teleidoscope – Year 3

  Early on in 2013 I decided to post about my favourite submissions to The Teleidoscope for both my first and second years in the group. This is my re-cap for my third and final year in the group.  

2013: A Year in Review

  2013 has been pretty intense and exciting… ♥ I celebrated finishing my fifth consecutive year of daily self-portraits (and started on my sixth!). ♥ I also finished my first year of daily project of non-self-portraits and started on a second year! ♥ I decided to celebrate … Continue reading2013: A Year in Review

The Teleidoscope – Year 2

  Here are some of my favourite submissions to the second year of The Teleidoscope. To see my favourites from the first year, click here!  

2012: Photography Review

  One of the groups that I used to frequent, The Female Self-Portrait Artists’ Support Group, used to post a group discussion asking members to “show and tell” various images members have posted on Flickr in the past year. These usually include: the image with … Continue reading2012: Photography Review