The Canal Boat


Our canal boat holiday in the first week of April this year was pretty darned wonderful – it was the perfect break from university and placements for me (and well-deserved, too!). Here’s a photo-centric post of our holiday, punctuated by a few words…



Grinding coffee every morning
The fleeting smell of manure
Fresh air with all the windows open
Dew on the grass



The engine chugging along
The drifting sound of the mandolin
Constant birdsong
Creaking, creaking



Birds, birds, birds!
Beautiful reflections of trees in the canal
Sun shining through the leaves
The most glorious sunsets



The feeling of the sun on your face
Wind blowing through your hair
Taut rope between fingers

Turning & turning & turning the lock key



Croissants, scrambled eggs, apricot cereal
Black coffee, black coffee, black coffee
Salami, cheese, hard-boiled eggs
Stopping somewhere new each evening



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