The Teleidoscope – Year 3


Early on in 2013 I decided to post about my favourite submissions to The Teleidoscope for both my first and second years in the group. This is my re-cap for my third and final year in the group.


“Rubber Duck”



“Sense of Self”



“Two’s A Pair”



“Head in the Clouds”



“Moomin Madness”


“The Stars Are Projectors”



To see the entirety of the three years that I participated in the group, please click on the following links: The Teleidoscope #1, The Teleidoscope #2 and The Teleidoscope #3.


It’s been a fantastic three years full of inspiration, face-paint and determination. I’ve made lots of friends through the group, not to mention coming across many inspirational role models in the artists and photographers who have contributed their work to the project. That said, it’s time for me to say a fond farewell to the group and look forward to new projects in the coming year.


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