Things I Love Thursday #39

Things I Love Thursday is an idea created by the inimitable Gala Darling. In 2007 she began creating a list every Thursday, sharing links, people and experiences that she had fallen in love with that week. All over the internet people the idea was passed around: everyone loved the concept of celebrating appreciation and thankfulness together and began creating their own lists… This is mine!


♥ Seeing loads of my wonderful friends! I got to see Charlotte and Avalon this week, as spending time with Lisa and Paul the week before. Yay!

♥ Going to see my favourite band (Fairport Convention) at the Mick Jagger Centre in Dartford. I’ve seen them there before, but I love the venue and I love them (obviously!). I had a wonderful evening and can’t wait until Cropredy rolls around in August!

♥ Chopping things back/pulling things down/generally fixing up our garden.

♥ Finally downloading the WordPress app (!) for my phone. I have been editing and posting things from my bed/in my car/on the move. It’s a fantastic app and I have completely fallen in love with it. Hurrah!


Not to mention…

♥ Holly texting me to say “Pinnochio is fit!” (Truth!) ♥ Fredrik brought my favourite sweets (Kryptoniter) over from Sweden, omnom! ♥ Drinking NBA ♥ Listening to Ugly Duckling’s “Meat Shake” jingles ♥ The fact that my ma will listen to me moan about anything and everything under the sun ♥ The cutness of Dave telling me things like my accidental calls sound like rabbits are eating lettuce in my pockets ♥ Catching-up with Once Upon A Time episodes ♥ Receiving my monthly statement from Getty Images – it wasn’t big this month, but it’s still a boost to see my photographic work selling ♥ Having the house to myself for an evening – I lounged and lounged and lounged! ♥ Strong, black coffee ♥ Photoshopping myself into an elf for last week’s The Teleidoscope theme ♥ Cuddles from Barns ♥ Drinking lager and watching a Swedish drama with Malin & Fredrik ♥ Google Analytics informing me that someone has visited my website by searching for “should I draw on my violin case?” ♥ The sunshine and warm evenings ♥ Brie ♥ The new Flickr layout… Though it is taking some getting used to! It was time for a change. ♥ Visiting Mile End at the weekend (where I went to University) – it’s simultaneously exactly the same and completely different, all at once… I still love it! ♥ Looking forward to seeing Rob & Lauren this weekend!


Do you write a Things I Love Thursday or gratitude list? If not, what would you write on it this week? If so, please share it with me!


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