Thought vomit & a bit of everything.


It’s the 29th of March, a grey Wednesday that I’ve spent half with my mum and half with two orange kitties. It’s gone 6pm and the daylight is still slinking through the slats on the blind in our office. Ginger is currently sitting by the front door, spying on Barns through the cat flap; I opened the front door a few minutes ago to see if he wanted to come in, but he just stared at me blankly. I’m not sure, but I think he is guarding the flat from intruder cats…


As it’s Wednesday, and I’ve posted absolutely nothing since last Thursday’s TILT post, I had the inclination to apologise, throw a belated link round-up on here, type up some TILT excitement ready for tomorrow, perhaps start on my March photo an hour post.




I’m going away on holiday from Saturday, and there will be another week of post-less-ness, so I thought I would just type some thought vomit and put together a miniature version of everything I normally post. Why not?



The past week has been full of lovely things: meals out; seeing some of my favourite folks; seaside walks; glorious sunshine; beautiful, kind gifts; shopping excursions; video games; a spa day… Basically, a lot of my favourite things! My mum and step-dad and Jack’s folks (and Laurence and Suki) got to meet each other for the first time (!) which was a longtime coming and pretty darned ace. We all ate a lot of delicious food and chattered, enjoyed the lovely weather and had a marvelous time. Hurrah!



I finally submitted my essay and started to pay a little more attention to the exams I have coming up soon. It’s a little alarming to think that in a mere 5 or so months, I will be in my final year, and revising emergencies situations definitely hammers that point home (my exams are on newborn life support, antepartum haemorrhage, postpartum haemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, cord prolapse, sepsis and eclampsia – whoah). For once, I’m excited to go back on placement and I’m feeling super grateful to have a wonderful mentor who has genuinely helped me to grow in confidence and ability. It feels really good to know I’m supported and on the right track; the end is in sight and it isn’t always completely terrifying… It’s exciting too!



I’ve been eyeing up a few treats for myself, though I remain undecided for the most part…



Tomorrow my sister Laura is getting married. which I’m super excited about! Getting to spend some happy, joyful moments with my family feels a long time coming after the sadness of the past few months. Plus, I just love weddings!



And, of course, next week I’m off on a canal boat holiday and I can’t wait. We’re deciding on board games to take, want to get a few bottles of bubbles and are eager to pack our bikes ready for a few canal side trails. There’s something special about how relaxed canal holidays are, and I am really, really looking forward to it.


So, I’ll post again at some point next weekend – which will of course be April (!). I hope the rest of March treats you well, and your April is off to a good start when I post next. Take care, folks!


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