TILT #208

♥ Going away on holiday! As this post goes live, Jack and I will either be in, or on our way to Devon. Yay! ♥ Buying myself a new bike (!!) ♥ Seeing Avalon, Caroline, Holly, Lisa, Paul and a whole bunch of other lovely folks! ♥ Finishing Overcooked… ♥ … And playing lots of new games – Salt & Sanctuary, Tiny Brains and ObsCure! ♥ Eating far too many doughnuts ♥ Getting to see Caroline and Nori’s new home ♥ Afternoon tea ♥ Making a buffet for Jack and Bags ♥ Using my Duolingo account every day ♥ Having Jack to myself for the week ♥


Happy Thursday, friends – take care of yourselves!

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