TILT #221

♥ Seeing Lisa ♥ Spending time with my family ♥ Getting a chunk of Christmas shopping done ♥ Having good first shifts on my new placement ♥ Camembert and Gilmore Girls with Jack ♥ GLFL wine tasting ♥ Friendly faces ♥ Lectures with food-based group work ♥ LOS donuts ♥ Kitty cuddles ♥ Roast dinners ♥ Managing to get my November photo an hour done just in time ♥ Making a yummy beef casserole ♥


After having spent a good deal of time fretting about my placement because I was told the staff were hostile and unaccommodating, I had my first shift this week and left feeling really content and happy – they were the friendliest team of people I’ve met in the hospital yet. So goes to show that one should always formulate their own opinion…


Anyway – it’s December! How did that happen?! Hope you’re having a grand week – take care!

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