Things I Love Thursday #148

♥ Spending time with Caroline ♥ Making a prinsesstårta (!) ♥ Playing board games ♥ Finding a new beer shop with Jack (Drink of Fulham – it’s fabulous!) ♥ An evening of beer and Twin Peaks with Jack ♥ Going back to a previous client and having a good shift ♥ BBQ food! ♥ Camaraderie of shared experiences and jokes with colleagues at a training day ♥ Starting submissions for #RadicalSelfLoveJuly! ♥ Doing some “embroidery” (it’s, uh, very home-made..!) ♥


Lots to feel thankful for this week! It was lovely to see Caroline, as I’ve not seen her in a ridiculously long time (oops!) and as always, Jack has been wonderful and I’m super grateful to have him in my life. Hope you’ve all been enjoying your week – what are you feeling thankful for at the moment?


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