TILT #253

♥ Receiving our wedding photos from our photographer Sassy! ♥ … Not to mention the awesome box of goodies they came in ♥ Fresh, homemade sourdough ♥ Playing Fortnite Battle Royale with Jack ♥ Stranger Things 2 ♥ Lovely flowers from Suki ♥ Cooking this delicious recipe by Jamie Oliver (so tasty!) ♥ Finishing my first placement of year three ♥ Jack getting me an Intervals shirt when he saw them this week ♥ Chinese takeaway ♥


Howdi and happy Thursday! (And happy November, too!) I’ve been a little under the weather this week (which figures, after finally getting through the placement, amiright?!) so I’m looking forward to a little lay-in on Saturday morning… Before heading towards my mum’s for my baby shower (!!). I’m super excited to see lots of lovely folks there, as well as then having a nice rest on the Sunday, ha! Hope you’re having a lovely week and are looking forward to your weekend, too!

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