TILT #183

♥ The feeling of having 5 witnesses under my belt ♥ Finishing years 8 & 4 of my daily photography projects… ♥ … And starting years 9 & 5! ♥ Finishing painting the walls in our office, and finishing the first coat on the walls in the kitchen ♥ Watching Jack play with Barns & Catniss ♥ The fact that we are having our washing machine and dishwasher plumbed in tomorrow (!!) ♥ Doing my first paid shift in months and really enjoying it ♥ Feeling lucky to get so much time with Jack (especially after the days where I work night shifts and I only get to see him for 10 minutes when we cross paths in the morning! It really makes me appreciate the other nights!) ♥ Freshly brewed coffee ♥ Sunday roasts with Jack and my folks ♥ Thirteen ♥ Daffodils ♥ Brisk walks in the morning ♥ Saying hello to March! ♥


Happy Thursday, guys! This has been one of the most tiring weeks in a long time, but I’m super excited about so many things right now that I don’t mind too much..! Hope you’re enjoying your week so far – take care of yourselves!


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