TILT #265

♥ Arthur’s new habit of sticking his tongue out! ♥ Our first date night since having Arthur ♥ Suki visiting at the weekend ♥ Seeing My Dad Wrote A Porno Live! ♥ Going to Henry Burger for the first time. YUM! ♥ Delicious sour beer at Henry Burger ♥ Buying Arthur some new clothes ♥ Moving forward with some exciting new plans… ♥ Blowing raspberries on Arthur and hearing him giggle ♥ Going to sun-up ♥ Arthur enjoying his swimming lessons more and more each week ♥ Being super close to being up-to-date with my Flickr uploads (!!) ♥ Getting excited for the LAN party..! ♥


Happy Thursday lovelies! Hope you’re gearing up for a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend – I know we are..! We’re currently on our way to the LAN party and we’re feeling pretty pumped to be going away for a few days. Take care!

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