TILT #157

♥ Doing lots of cooking and baking with Jack ♥ Getting some DIY done ♥ Grapefruit ♥ The fact that it’s less than three weeks until I start at university, ahh! ♥ Watching television whilst cuddled up with Jack ♥ E-mails from The Universe that make complete sense ♥ Slow Sunday mornings with pancakes, bacon, syrup and cuddles ♥ Seeing Holly for dinner and cocktails ♥ Roast dinners ♥ Having a wardrobe again (yay!) ♥ Trying lots of new beers ♥ Meeting Lucy for lunch ♥


Wow, September already. I’m feeling pretty run-down this week, so it’s been nice to take 5 minutes with a cup of tea and remember all of the good things that have happened over the past seven days. What are you feeling thankful for this week?

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