TILT #217

♥ Gearing up to the LAN party! ♥ Some lecture material finally starting to make sense… ♥ Jacket potatoes forever ♥ Cosy cuddles with Jack ♥ Watching Gilmore Girls ♥ Working on costumes for the LAN party ♥ Seeing the university ladies ♥ Hot chocolate complete with cream, marshmallows, baileys and a flake. Mmm! ♥ Getting through the #badwitchchallenge and carrying on! ♥ Getting good feedback from my first placement of the year ♥ Hearing the cats play in cardboard boxes ♥ Saying hello to November ♥ Iron & Wine’s cover of “Time After Time” popping up in my Release Radar ♥


Happy Thursday, folks! I’m feeling a lot happier this week, which I suspect may have something to do with the impending LAN party weekend… I hope you’re enjoying November so far – take care!


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