TILT #179

♥ Sleeping on our new bed! Ahh! ♥ Getting my first university grades ♥ Buying a Louis Wain print ♥ The most delicious hot chocolate in the world ♥ Charity shop shopping! ♥ Putting our sofa bed together ♥ Unboxing, unboxing, unboxing, unboxing… ♥ Starting work for my safeMedicate exam ♥ Drinking wine and watching Netflix ♥ Completing my first fine grading ♥

Ahhhhh! This week has been one of those wonderful, fabulous ones where I’m thrilled about absolutely everything and can’t stop myself from bouncing off of the walls! I’m so happy with how everything is going, I’m beaming from ear-to-ear. Hope you’re having a great Thursday whatever you’re up to!

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