Things I Love… Saturday! #136

♥ Visiting the Grant Museum and The Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garett with Jack ♥ Trying lots of new ales! ♥ Spending a day at Thorpe Park with Jack (!) ♥ Prosecco night with Holly ♥ Making some big changes at work ♥ Printing photos for the first time in years ♥ Seeing Luke for the first time in months ♥ Visiting the garden centre with ma and gran ♥ Delicious pink tea ♥ Discovering my new favourite ale place (Temple Brew House!) ♥ Trying out new Lush goodies ♥ Eating the most delicious scotch egg in the world ♥


Not just one day late with my TILT post this week… But two days late! Better late than never… But, so many things to feel thankful for this week! I’m feeling pretty thrilled to not be working over the Easter weekend and have enjoyed seeing lots of lovely people as a result of being off! What are you feeling grateful for this week?


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