TILT #195… On a Saturday..!

Hey guys! Here is the latest Things I Love Thursday (!) ever, I guess. It would be a complete understatement to say that I have found the past week difficult, but now that I’m reaching the restful part of a non-working weekend… I feel as though I can breathe a sigh of relief and congratulate myself for getting through it. As always, I feel it’s super important when I feel at all sad/anxious/overwhelmed to count my blessings and remind myself how awesome my life is and consider all of the things I should be grateful for. So, here goes!

♥ Jack, always and forever ♥ Phone-calls with my mum ♥ DIY days and decorating progress ♥ Glitter ♥ Barns and Ginger kissing and playing with each other ♥ Hitachino Nest ♥ Troy and Abed in the morning ♥ Having a really kind and thoughtful mentor ♥ Jack making us a delicious ragout ♥ The short walk home after a night shift ♥ How clean our bathroom is starting to look after a coat of paint ♥ Crosstown doughnuts ♥ Having a super awesome, generous and plain ol’ wonderful family ♥ My fox eye mask ♥ BBQs ♥ The faces of contentedly sleepy babies ♥ Seeing my mum’s beautiful garden full of colourful flowers and tweeting birds ♥ Listening to my June Spotify playlist ♥ Drawing with chalk ♥ Bath bombs and rainbow soap ♥ Tucking into fresh sheets ♥ Bacon and grits (and coffee!) at Friends of Ours ♥


Phew! So many things, and I’ve barely written anything! Big love to you all, especially the lovelies who have been messaging me lovely things this week, in lieu of my grumpuss-esque week. You’re the best! Hope you’re taking good care of yourselves.


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