TILT #204

♥ Finishing my year 1 paperwork (finally!) – I just have to submit it, now… ♥ Watching Jack finish Ride London ♥ Dinner at Bone Daddies with Jack ♥ One of the midwives telling me I have an infectious smile (!) ♥ The flat being sparkly, clean and tidy ♥ Going for pokémon walks! ♥ Spending time with my mum ♥ Barns & Ginger sitting with each other and playing together ♥ Celebrating Jack finishing Ride London by having takeaway from our favourite kebab place ♥ Wrapping Jack’s birthday gifts ♥ … Getting really quite excited about Jack’s birthday!! ♥


Happy Thursday lovelies! Today has been all about university for me… I got my practice assessment documents signed and sealed – I just need to deliver them, now! At my final sign-off meeting they said welcome to the second year. GULP! There are a few more hurdles to leap over next week, but bar something going terribly wrong, I will be a second year in no time at all. You guys, it’s so exciting, and so very, very terrifying. Eeek!

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