Things I Love Thursday #128

♥ Seeing the lovely Jack ♥ Seeing/hearing a cover of Fairport Convention’s “Who Knows Where The Time Goes” in Pretty Little Liars (crazy!) ♥ Successfully making a delicious chocolate trap ♥ Seeing the lovely Jack ♥ Receiving some official paperwork (aaaaah!) ♥ Agra curry (nom!) ♥ Seeing Lisa! ♥ Twin Peaks ♥ My Ric mug ♥ Cat cuddles ♥ Nearing the end of my diploma ♥ Grim Fandango remastered (!!) ♥


Whoah, hey February! Today is definitely one of the days where I need to focus on all of the happy, wonderful things in my life. Gratefulness FTW!

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