TILT #191

♥ LAN party shenanigans! ♥ Passing formative assessments ♥ Sitting in the sunshine ♥ Playing Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes ♥ Talking nonsense with Jack ♥ Doughnuts and gherkins and beer and cocktails and chili and pizza and Chinese takeaway and croissants and… ♥ Getting to spend time with lots of my favourite people ♥ Singing along to Twenty One Pilots with Jack ♥ Making plans ♥


May! Thursday! The first Thursday of May! Wha?! Ahem. I cannot believe that it’s already May – in about four months I will be in my second year… Which is completely beyond comprehension for me right now! Anyway, it’s a lovely sunny day in Southend today (hurrah!) – I hope you’re enjoying some lovely weather wherever you are, too!

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