TILT #274

♥ The way Arthur splashes about in the swimming pool & the bath ♥ Going to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium for afternoon tea ♥ Arthur’s new book about a crime-solving cat ♥ Going for a bike ride with Jack ♥ Having a BBQ ♥ Meeting Larissa for tea ♥ New nursing dresses ♥ The anticipation of taking Arthur to his first music festival (!) ♥ New ideas for my Etsy shop ♥ The beautiful sunshine ♥ Arthur’s new festival outfits ♥


Happy Thursday, lovelies! This post is brought to you from my phone, whilst I lay on my bed nursing Arthur… Isn’t technology great?! I’m utterly shattered and will be off to sleep shortly, as we’re off to the New Forest Folk Festival tomorrow! I’m super excited! Hope you’re having a marvellous week & are looking forward to the weekend, whatever you’re up to. Take care!

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