Things I Love Thursday #153

♥ Visiting Rob and Lauren ♥ Spending a day in Liverpool ♥ Trying lots of new cocktails (and beers, of course!) ♥ Having the most delicious hot dog at Salt Dog Slims ♥ Playing arcade games ♥ Discovering Engineers (thanks to Rob!) ♥ Trying LOADS of new foods at Bonbon Bakery and Lunya ♥ Rob and Lauren’s Raclette ♥ Eating a fish that Jack caught (!) ♥ The return of GBBO ♥ Playing Scrabble ♥ Cuddles with kitties ♥ Jack being wonderful and kind and patient and the loveliest  ♥ Peanut butter on toast ♥ Preparing to move house ♥


Another wonderful week full of things to be thankful for! Hope you’re having a lovely week and you’re as happy to greet Thursday as I am!


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