TILT #187

♥ Drinking champagne with Jack! ♥ Trying new Lush loveliness in the bath ♥ Playing Gremlins, Inc. ♥ A day trip to Kent ♥ Making a delicious lamb stew ♥ Getting lots of DIY done ♥ Going for a cycle ride ♥ Watching The Grand Budapest Hotel ♥ Drinking wine with Jack and Suki ♥ Visiting some local pubs for the first time ♥ Letting Ginger and Barns outside onto the roof terrace for the first time (!) ♥ Playing board games with Caroline and Nori ♥ Trips to Old Leigh ♥ Seeing Paul for pizza ♥ Stocking up on gherkins ♥

Happy Thursday guys! I’ve had an awesome week as Jack has been off of work with me, so we’ve been having a grand old time pottering about and getting DIY jobs done around the flat, as well as seeing lots of folks and having a good ol’ relaxation, too. Hope you’re having a lovely week whatever you’re up to!

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