Things I Love Thursday #141

♥ Jack being Jack ♥ Pasta with copious amounts of Parmesan cheese ♥ Don’t Starve Together ♥ The generosity of the Gorkha Learning for Life supporters ♥ Watching the tadpoles swim around the pond ♥ Fresh coffee ♥ Making an increasing dent into the 1000 page (!) hefty textbook I’ve gotten out of the library ♥ Board games with lovelies ♥ Beautiful spring time ♥ Watching Barnabee enjoy playing in the garden ♥


This week is all about focusing on the positive things! I’ve been thinking about the Pokharathok village and what Nepal as a whole is going through right now, and how I have sososo many things to be grateful about, even when I’m having a “bad day” (or especially when I’m having a bad day!). I hope you’re having a grand week and are enjoying the little things in your life as much as I am!

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