TILT #200


♥ Hearing lovely and funny stories about Reg at his wake ♥ Looking through old photos ♥ Playing new games with Jack ♥ Organising cupboards ♥ Watching White Collar ♥ Making a new playlist for July ♥ Seeing Sarah for the first time in ages ♥ Charity shop treasure ♥ Milkshakes ♥ Cuddles ♥ Glorious sunshine ♥ Sleepy kitties taking naps in silly places ♥



Howdi and happy Thursday, folks! It feels pretty darned ridiculous that this is my 200th Things I Love Thursday post here – but that’s exactly what it is! I’m celebrating by eating salmon, drinking wine and playing PC games with my favourite person in the world. Winning! Hope your Thursday is looking as awesome as mine… Take care of yourself!


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