TILT #246

♥ When Jack kisses and talks to my belly (so cute!) ♥ Seeing Kate and Ted ♥ More DIY accomplishments! ♥ Playing Civ VI ♥ The smell (and taste!) of homemade cookies, yum! ♥ Planning exciting plans ♥ Seeing lots of lovely folks at Natalie’s 30th ♥ Our baby kicking the doptone off repeatedly at my antenatal appointment ♥ Visits to National Trust properties ♥ Making an earnest start on some photo editing..! ♥ The smell of our dinner cooking merrily away (this, omnom!) ♥ All of the lovely congratulations messages, hugs and kisses we’ve been getting for our baby ♥


Happy Thursday, friends! I have spent the majority of today scraping grout and re-grouting the walls in our bathroom… I can finally say that the re-grouting is nearly finished (I ran out of grout, yet again, today!) which is a good feeling. Hope you’ve had a productive and lovely day, too!

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