TILT #209

♥ Jack! ♥ Our holiday! We had such a marvelous time… ♥ Cycling ♥ Scrumptious food and beer ♥ My sixth delivery! ♥ Finally seeing Ted’s wife in HIMYM ♥ The relief of sitting down and resting my feet after a 13 hour shift ♥ Beautiful sunshine ♥ Homegrown marrow for dinner (thanks mum!) ♥ Working with a really awesome mentor ♥ Playing our new LOTR card game ♥ Gaining some perspective RE midwifery ♥ Being on shift at the same time as Emily ♥ Being a hug monster and making Jack give me ALL the hugs ♥


Phew-ee. I’m feeling cream crackered right now, and am ready to collapse in front of the television and hug Jack for the rest of what will be a short evening… I can’t wait for a lie-in on Saturday! Hope you’re week is treating you well – take care!

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