TILT #162

♥ Spending time with Jack ♥ Watching the GBBO final! ♥ Leaving my windows open to hear the birds tweeting ♥ Catching-up with mum and gran ♥ Learning lots and lots! ♥ Making new friends ♥ My cute new notebooks from mum ♥ Fruit tea ♥ Getting a new cleanser from Lush (I’m trying Aqua Marina!) ♥ Discovering the most delicious chardonnay, yum! ♥ Pesto pasta ♥

Phew! Another week of university is nearly finished, and my brain is starting to leak information in places..! I’m really enjoying myself, though, and am so happy right now with how my life is. Yay! Hope you’re all feeling positive too – happy Thursday!

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