Things I Love Thursday #137

♥ Playing lots of Heroes of the Storm ♥ Going out for curry with Holly, Mike and Chris ♥ Doing a spot of gardening ♥ Uploading my first photos to Flickr in well over a month ♥ Watching the first two episodes of Gilmore Girls ♥ Working on my diploma outside (!) in the sunshine (!!) ♥ Seeing Elise and playing the violin ♥ Sending off a new DBS form (exciting times!) ♥ Seeing butterflies and bees in the garden ♥ Getting really excited about starting back at university in September (ahhhh!) ♥


What are you feeling grateful for this week? I’m sure anyone here in the UK probably has sunshine/springtime on their list, as it feels like it’s in full bloom right now. Yay!

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