TILT #196

I’m currently sitting at my desk, drinking a cup of tea, and I’m in a little bit of a funny mood – if I’m honest, I’m spending a lot of my time in weird moods lately. This whole week I’ve been yo-yo-ing between huge life decisions without really getting anywhere with making an actual decision. It’s alarming how quickly the end of my first year is approaching, and I’m regularly feeling overwhelmed by thinking a little too much about the future. Each time I think I should concentrate on the here and now more, the realisation that my current life is exactly what will shape the future, washes all over me.


Anyway, enough of that – here’s a list of things I’m loving about the here and now!


♥ Yummy cups of tea ♥ Going to the beer festival in my hometown ♥ Spending time with family ♥ Trying some new beers ♥ Getting to see Paul and Mark ♥ Flat DIY progress ♥ Chocolate and cherry bircher ♥ Hugs from Jack ♥ Getting to grips with what my tutor calls midwifery “bread and butter” skills (!) ♥ Seeing plant babies looking healthy and happy ♥ Playing Civ V with Jack ♥ Spotting newts in my ma’s pond ♥ Midnight kebab trips ♥ Having the most fabulous and wonderful people in my life ♥


Hope you’re having a lovely Thursday – take care of yourselves!

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