TILT #254

♥ Celebrating our little one at my baby shower ♥ My last “official” lecture of 2017 being done and dusted ♥ Being back out on placement ♥ Seeing loads of my favourite folks ♥ Going out for dinner with Jack and his folks ♥ Hanging, folding and organising teeny, tiny clothes for the baby ♥ Having brunch with Jack at Lemon Witch Kitchen ♥ Homemade cookies ♥ Trying to think of baby names… ♥


Happy Thursday folks! I’m still feeling a little under the weather (boo! I guess that’s just how it is when your immune system is suppressed!) but feeling chipper none-the-less! Each week we’re getting closer and closer to meeting our little one, which is the most exciting feeling. We can’t wait! Hope you’re having a lovely week too and are feeling grateful for the lovely things and people in your life. Take care!

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