TILT #184

♥ The arrival of Barns and Ginger to the flat! ♥ Getting to see my favourite band, Fairport Convention, with Jack… ♥ … And having the pleasure of seeing them in an absolutely stunning venue – the Union Chapel. Whoah! ♥ Our office is finally set-up with desks and PCs. We played our first game together on Sunday night! ♥ Seeing Paul for lunch at Stop the World ♥


Happy Thursday, friends! This week has been another long, difficult one, but it’s also been really exciting and full of smiles… So I’m pretty darned happy! I’ve been beating myself up a little lately about how hard I’m finding my placements right now – I am loving them, without a doubt, but there are so many aspects of hospital culture, care and communication that I’m finding difficult to “grok”. That said, being honest with some folks about what I’m thinking and feeling has made me feel a lot calmer about all of the scenarios I’m experiencing and imagining. Hurrah!

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