Things I Love Thursday #98


♥ Swimming! I went 3 times last week, and just once this week, but it’s really lovely to get back in the water! ♥ Gaming. Always. ♥ Going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour! ♥ Finishing a tiny, little hat for a premature baby. Starting a new hat today! ♥ Getting my internet sorted (it’s been playing up lots over the past week or so) ♥ Redcurrants. Omnom. ♥ Finally getting some shifts sorted for next week (at last!) ♥ Tackling my to-do list with abandon ♥ Fruit tea ♥ Using my face paint, for the first time in yonks! ♥


Things I Love Thursday is an idea created by the inimitable Gala Darling. In 2007 she began creating a list every Thursday, sharing links, people and experiences that she had fallen in love with that week. All over the internet people the idea was passed around: everyone loved the concept of celebrating appreciation and thankfulness together and began creating their own lists… This is mine!


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