TILT #218

♥ The LAN party! I had a brilliant weekend and can’t wait until the next one! ♥ Jack being off work all this week (it’s so lovely to come home to him!) ♥ New games played at the LAN – Battlerite & Chivalry ♥ Cooking with Jack ♥ Mac ‘n’ cheese, mmm! ♥ Seeing so many of my favourite folks at the LAN ♥ Kitty cuddles ♥ Sparklers ♥ Listening to our favourite podcast on the drive to Cheshire ♥ Drinking amaretto ♥ Lay-ins! ♥ Cheese and biscuits in front of Gilmore Girls ♥ Being tucked up inside when it’s raining ♥ The positivity that I’ve witnessed post-election (an e-mail I received from Feminist Frequency put it quite well – “And to the world, we say: we refuse to surrender to the forces which seek to silence women. We will not stand idly by and allow the continued intimidation of people of colour, non-Christians, LGBTQ+ folks, and all those who exist at the intersection of multiple identities. We can and will participate in the mobilization of our communities. We will resist the hate. And in the end, we will win.“) ♥


Hope you’re all thinking of the positive things too. Take care of yourselves and all your favourite people!

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