TILT #171

♥ Taking daily beer advent photos (!) check out my instagram account if you fancy having a peek… ♥ Cocktails at Whistling Shop ♥ Jack coming to pick me up after work when I felt too tired to drive home (he got the train to the hospital, then drove me in my car!) ♥ Seeing Paul for a catch-up ♥ … With a wander round IKEA and a few other shops! ♥ Morris dancing for the first time in yonks! ♥ Catching-up with Sarah via some charity shop shopping ♥ Getting to grips with the content of two essays I have due after Christmas (I’m hoping to write them before the 24th so I can have a real break over Christmas!) ♥ Having some fabulous shifts on placement ♥ Playing Don’t Starve with Jack ♥ Wrapping Christmas presents ♥ Catching-up with the uni girls ♥


It’s the 10th of December already! How did that happen?! Just fourteen days to go until Christmas day… Whoah! I’m feeling ridiculously tired this week, and I’m ready for a wee break and some time with lots of my favourite folks, so I’m glad I’ve not got long to wait for Christmas and New Year! Hope you’re all feeling a bit more bright eyed and bush tailed than me, and are having a lovely week!

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