TILT #240

♥ Paul and Louise’s wedding! ♥ Silly photos of lovely people dancing ♥ Jack being Jack ♥ Broccoli soup ♥ Exciting post ♥ One of my OSCEs being done and dusted (!) ♥ This baked cauliflower pizzaiola recipe (tried it on Tuesday and it’s a keeper!) ♥ An impromptu visit to Wat Tyler Park with my ma ♥ A pretty new scarf from my gran ♥ Friendly neighbours ♥


Greetings from a sunny Thursday! Yesterday I did my first OSCE of the year (newborn life support – quite terrifying!) and it’s a huge relief to have it out of the way (fingers crossed I pass and don’t have to do it again, ha). Today I met my ma at Wat Tyler Park for a walk in the sunshine before a slice of cake, which was exactly what I needed. Right now, I’ve got some soup on the stove (a variation on this recipe!) which I can’t wait to tuck into. Hope you’re having a lovely week – take care!

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