TILT #205

♥ Spending the laziest Sunday morning with Jack ♥ Liquorice ♥ Dinner by Heston (!!) ♥ Spending time with lots of lovely people, especially the wonderful Jack ♥ Playing Codenames and other board games ♥ Finishing my final exams for the 1st year ♥ Getting to see Jack unwrap gifts ♥ Receiving my second My Little Box in the snail mail ♥ Silly comments on my Flickr stream ♥ Uncontrollably laughing about calculators with Emily… ♥ Playing Divinity:Original Sin ♥ Making a delicious salad ♥ Getting results for my first exam of the year and being pretty pleased – 97%! ♥ Drinking delicious wine ♥


The hurdle that was the past week has now been well and truly passed! The good bits – celebrating Jack’s birthday, having meals out, spending time with lovely folks – were all truly wonderful, and the bad bits – exams, handing work in – seem to have gone well so far. After my last exam today, I now have three weeks off until I start back on placement again, and I can’t wait to get some DIY and photography projects done! More than that, I can’t wait to relax and calm myself before the onslaught of being a second year begins..!


I hope you’re having a wonderful week wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing. Remember to treasure all of the goodness in your life and take care of the ones you love. Happiness can always be found, even in ridiculous places and when you least expect! Take care, folks.

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