TILT #226

♥ Spending time with Jack ♥ Having a really, really good shift ♥ Yummy wine a’plenty ♥ Getting used to writing “2017” ♥ Feeling good about my exam last week ♥ Taking part in Kate’s #brilliantphotoaday project ♥ Snow! ♥ Cuddles with my orange kitties ♥ Giggling and laughing and giggling some more ♥ My friend Deepa getting in touch with me ♥ Working our way through Christmas chocolate ♥ Snuggling on the sofa under a blanket ♥ Walking into Leigh ♥ Saying a goodbye that has needed saying for a while ♥ Positivity ♥ Happy, kind, funny patients ♥ Watching Jack with the cats ♥ Spending time with family ♥ Making plans ♥ Getting my new#MLB ♥ Finding glitter days after glittery SPs have been shot ♥ Watching Gilmore Girls ♥ Getting things signed off in my portfolio ♥ Knowing that in one month I’ll be halfway through my degree ♥ The smell of our current coffee beans in the morning ♥ When the cats bob their paws and heads up to say hello when I’m in the bath ♥


Today has been a pretty rad day, and I’m feeling content and tired. I was working a short shift (a mere 8 hours – such a doozy!) and I felt like I got back into the swing of things on the ward. I had the pleasure of looking after some really lovely ladies, and the team working today were all stars! Leaving time rolled around pretty quickly, and although people have been talking about snow all week, I hadn’t realised it had started… So, as I left the hospital, I was greeted with snow falling, falling, falling. By the time I got home, I was coated in a fine layer of white, though the ground was just damp. I made myself a cup of tea and ran a bath, and just before I got in I looked out onto our roof terrace where the snow has settled and looks entirely serene. I had to take a second to think to myself, that it’s been a pretty beautiful day.


(I’m feeling pretty zen with the world tonight, can you tell?)


I hope you’ve had a wonderful day, week, month, and 2017 so far! This week I have an extra-long list of love because I missed my TILT last week. I’m working this weekend, but hopefully I’ve get big ol’ links post up on Sunday, too. In the meanwhile, take care, folks!


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