TILT #192

♥ Having our first BBQ of the year ♥ Starting my next placement ♥ Walking in the sunshine ♥ Watching movies ♥ G&Ts ♥ Making a ridiculous 90s playlist with Jack ♥ Starting to feel more human after being ill ♥ Enjoying learning midwifery skills ♥ Drinking a cup of tea when I’m completely parched ♥ Doughnuts ♥ Dancing with Jack ♥ The smell just as it’s starting to rain ♥


Happy Thursday, friends! Hope you’ve had an enjoyable week, whatever you’ve been up to. My body is still trying to recover from being ill, so I’ve spent most of the past few days feeling achey and creaky, as well as trying to concentrate on the new skills I’m learning at placement. It’s all go! Hope you’re looking forward to the weekend as much as I am..! Take care!

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